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On a Friday, After Easter

On a Friday, I am back sharing new records with you. OH MY GOD there's so much good music around! What tickles your interest the most? Leave a comment below and let me know 🐉

On a Friday, After Easter
Lizzie Esau

'Wait Too Late' - Lizzie Esau

I was lucky enough to catch Esau's London headline show back in November, and the energy in the room was UNDENIABLE; steeped in raw talent and songwriting prowess, the British rocker bathes in fierce distortions and anthemic motifs, always retaining a rather relatable and 'poppy' flair, if you will. 'Wait Too Late' is Lizzie's latest single, a dark and gloomy gem with tons of fuzziness and character. Esau reminds me of Thom Yorke in this instance, and IT IS GLORIOUS. She's growing into a national treasure day after day, stay tuned!

'angeltape' - Drahla

For fans of the most ARTY, leftfield and experimental rock out there. Hailing from Leeds, Drahla have made a name for themselves in 2019, with 'Useless Coordinates' giving them a LEGENDARY, almost hazy aura. Now, they unveil 'angeltape', a long and complex album with hints of kraut rock and Morphine-like saxophone extravaganza. It's a deep dive into the band's limitless creativity, an experience you won't forget easily.

'Nivel' - Sofia Lafuente

In Lafuente's world, musical goodness never stops. Back with a brand-new single in Spanish, the visionary songstress continues her triumphal journey into the Latin market, this time with a luscious, icy single steeped in elegance and melancholia, then sprinkled with understated intensity. Her voice is heavenly as usual, and frankly never tires the ears. I'll NEVER be done with supporting Sofia Lafuente. She's the real deal, peeps!

'Good News For People Who Love Bad News: 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition' - Modest Mouse

Not strictly new music, but rather a re-issue: American indie giants Modest Mouse celebrate 20 years since the release of their seminal album 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News', unveiling a series of remixes which are overall not that extreme; just a gentle sprinkle of modernity. Modest Mouse meant a lot to me back in 2012/2013, so it's a pleasure seeing the ball rolling again; LEGENDS STAY LEGENDS!


NOT OUT TODAY, but I recently discovered this gem of a project. Initially known as 'Lil Crane', she caused a bit of a stir post-pandemic with fuzzy gem 'LEMONADE', then building up towards a new identity while retaining the same sonic livery. Her last single came out last year, hopefully, she's coming back soon! If you are reading this, Daphzie: your music is sick! We all need more of it.

Read you next week peeps!

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Gabriel Mazza profile image Gabriel Mazza