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On a Friday

A bunch of new, inspiring music, plus a report from A. G. Cook's London show. Newsletter saw it first - consider subscribing!

On a Friday
Antoní - as captured by Zeynep Ozkanca

Antoní - 'Holding Tight Lightly' (Album)

An incredibly CATHARTIC offering, 'Holding Tight Lightly' collects the nuanced artistry of German songstress Antoní, here teaming up with Turkish songwriter and producer Can Güngör on a series of eclectic folk gems. A record that needs to be experienced, not described: hence, I am just going to leave you with my favourite track, 'Ascending Rivers', and with the very warm recommendation of LOSING YOURSELF in the album - that's where I found HEAVEN, for a short while.

Daphzie - 'Falling Asleep Isn't A Magical Problem Solver'

No, falling asleep doesn't solve problems, although if you were to fall asleep to the sound of Daphzie that might at least help in coping with such problems. We wrote about the Australian indie hero a few weeks ago, and it's great to see her back with another NOSTALGIC, electrifying single. I realized there are no real 'choruses' in her music so far - perhaps that's why it feels so HAZY and hypnotizing.

YDEA - 'Lovers Game'

Based in London but of Danish roots, YDEA is the pop phenomenon you have yet to discover. Catch her shows if you have a chance, the POIGNANCY she's able to evoke is breathtaking. 'Lovers Game' is her latest effort, out today, a fierce and evocative FRAGILE anthem drenched in personal experience and reflection.

Nobody - 'Can't Behave'

She's Nobody, yet someone you should highly pay attention to. Delivering ICY and distorted indie matter, the young rocker champions charming minimalism, but she's not afraid to turn up the FUZZINESS when required. 'Can't Behave' is an alluringly CRYPTIC record that grows on the listener over time, alternating between slow-moving verses and more chaotic, rebellious choruses.

BONUS TRACK: A. G. Cook - 'Soulbreaker' + SHOW REPORT

What Happens at an A. G. Cook Show?
The mastermind behind the PC Music label, Alexander Guy Cook is responsible for bringing hyper-pop into the mainstream music landscape. Fellow writer Maddie and I were lucky enough to catch him live this week at The Underworld in Camden, London, on the second show of a three-night run.

Fellow Mesmerized writer Maddie and I both went to see A. G. Cook in London this week, although on separate days. Read a report of the event, linked above! 'Soulbreaker' saw the light of the day on DSPs earlier this week, but it's been a PC Music gem since 2021.

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Gabriel Mazza profile image Gabriel Mazza