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On a Friday

I am pleased to announce that I am back on my bull****. So, here's On a Friday and some intensively good records you should check out.

On a Friday
Imogen and the Knife, here captured by Ruby Pluhar

'Mother of God' - Imogen and the Knife

Spotify pushed the track pretty heavily on my release radar. I wasn't aware of the project until today, and guess what? I was MISSING OUT! Recorded at the legendary RAK Studio and supported by the PRS Foundation, 'Mother of God' sounds solemn and cathartic, gently hypnotizing the listeners to the sound of Imogen's nuanced and evocative vocals. Cinematic and poignant, the record is irresistible, and so so precious. RECOMMENDED!

'Get Over You' - Lullabee

A GLORIOUS third single, 'Get Over You' sees British songstress Lullabee orientate towards a brighter and punchier electro-pop approach, a choice that has certainly paid off. Produced by Imad Sahli and co-written by George Gleeson, the single functions as an impressive display of artistic charisma, grabbing the listeners by the jacket while embarking on a passionate lyrical journey dedicated to "all the heartbroken, and late-night thinkers". ELEGANT, yet INTENSE.

'Heartbeat Wipers' - Lucy Wroe

I wrote about Lucy Wroe last week on our main platform, and frankly, I couldn't PRAISE this track enough. I don't often come across material that truly impresses me, so when that happens I am eager to share... A STUNNING, STUNNING SONG. Its music video is out today, btw!!

Lucy Wroe Unveils Hypnotising Jewel ‘Heartbeat Wipers’ - Mesmerized
We truly felt hypnotised when listening to Lucy Wroe’s latest effort, ‘Heartbeat Wipers’. Truly, it’s a beautiful, soothing song. Caressing the listeners with long textures and evocative, poignant vocals, the record exudes fragility and veiled nostalgia, the perfect match for such an ethereal and blissful production. Heartwarming and expressive, Wroe’s lyrical qualities are absolutely magnetising, […]


First, Four Tet's good friend Caribou is back on the block with a track that's exactly what we would expect from him. 'Swim' has shaped my teenage years for the better so every time I spot a Dan Snaith's alias on a playlist or in the news, I oblige and turn the stereo on. Enjoy 'Honey':

Speaking of turning the stereo on, there's a particular record I CANNOT turn off. It's Charli XCX's recent banger 'Club classics'. It's the kind of track that would transform a dinner party into a tipsy clubbing euphoria. In fact, I'll probably organise one - we'll see...

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Gabriel Mazza profile image Gabriel Mazza