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About The Mesmerized Stream

The Mesmerized Stream is an independent music publication launched formally in January 2023 by Gabriel Mazza, founder of, a platform for music discovery. It's been a long time coming, with previous iterations dating back to 2021.

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We are a music publication. We adopt a multi-genre approach – but above all, we believe in talent and ideas. Although we are a relatively young platform (3 years in the making), we take what we do seriously, favouring a no bull**it approach in a dramatically over-complicated industry.

Our main music discovery platform.

What do we stand for? In a nutshell, authenticity. The Mesmerized Stream is fully independent and self-funded, we strive to inspire music fans and artists worldwide by offering an eclectic mix of educational content, news-based opinions and music discovery.

Above all, we'd like to be storytellers. If you are reading this, you probably share the same passion for music that we do. Perhaps it's not just a passion; it's an unconscious call towards artistic expression, a cascade of cathartic euphoria filling our existence with hope and nostalgia.

Simply, music matters a lot to us. That's what The Mesmerized Stream and stand for. Capturing that fleeting moment of pure, unfiltered artistic abstraction, the zeitgeist of our collective experience. 

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Are you a newsletter or a magazine?

Neither! We are an independent space where words and content that matter get published. We offer two newsletters at the moment, one aimed at artists and creators (The Educated Artists) and one aimed at music lovers (I'm a Great Listener).

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