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On a Friday // 22.03

DUDE, new music never stops flowing, does it?? In this newsletter, we bring you a tiny selection of what's been put out there TODAY.

On a Friday // 22.03

'Forgive to Forget' - Lucy Gaffney

I saw Lucy Gaffney live last year at a London showcase. Although in acoustic settings, you could instantly notice the powerful, nostalgic and hazy lyricism empowering the project towards a wider audience. Its sonic counterpart is equally hypnotizing, offering a blend of dreamy indie rock, psych tones and a decisively pop structure. It's alternative haze for elegant folks. The latest single 'Forgive to Forget', out today, confirms everything mentioned above, a slice of blissful euphoria with a slow-burn outlook. LET'S CONQUER THE WORLD, LUCY (AND THOM)!!

'Mahal' EP - Glass Beams

DON'T BE SHY! Ninja Tune's most hyped instrumental outfit Glass Beams have been conquering daring hearts left and right, making music that's as unique as their intriguing and mysterious face masks. The whole project is heavily leftfield and disorienting, essentially blending retro Western twang with distinct and elegant Arab influences. A unique and quirky formula, leaving the listeners instantly mesmerized - not bad for an instrumental, faceless project! Hailing from Melbourne, the talented Aussie group unveils their second EP today, 'Mahal'. TRY IT OUT< THANK ME LATER.

'Bloodsick' - VENUS GRRRLS

I AM LATE TO THE PARTY. I apologise, but Leeds rockers VENUS GRRLS just got on my radar. If you are into fierce, electrifying and hard-hitting alt-rock with a very modern outlook, you'll love this record TO BITS. Already celebrated by the likes of BBC Radio One and BBC 6 Music, the future looks stunningly bright for the talented girls from Venus. VENUS GRRRLS FOR THE WIN!

'innocence of sound' - ionnalee

SHOUT OUT TO SWEDISH QUEEN IONNALEE! Also known as iamamiwhoami, the talented songstress teams up with longtime collaborator and producer Claes Björklund once again, penning a bright, luscious Scandi pop record, immensely dreamy and elegant. It does remind me of 'BLUE', seminal iamamiwhoami album which - coincidence? - turns 10 this year. LOVING THE THROWBACK, and hoping for more!

Not a new record, but a gem from TikTok

VaporGod rose to TikTok celebrity earlier this month, thanks to a short, vibey and emotional instrumental bridging the gap between hyper-pop, hip-hop and electronica. Think of an emo version of Machinedrum - that's the vibe. I AM INTO IT.

See you next week peeps!

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Gabriel Mazza profile image Gabriel Mazza