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More on Songwriting Sessions

This is part 2 of our series where we reach out to a bunch of overachieving peeps, asking their opinions on how to create a safe and flourishing environment for a creative session.

More on Songwriting Sessions

If any of you read our music blog (, Sofia Lafuente’s name might be already familiar. From her refined, heartwrenching bilingual songwriting to her incredible voice, everything point towards pure, unfiltered artistry, a rare sight in an over-standardized and systemically unfair industry. No need to take our word for it: check out her ‘Madrugada’ live session (linked below) - told you!

Speaking about her own experience when writing with others, Lafuente recognizes the power of being able to set your ego aside, setting the scene for a healthy and judgement-free creative session. As she explains: “one of the most important and useful skills is the ability to be a team player. As an artist and collaborator, it is essential to read the room and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. That will create the perfect scenario to be able to put forward unconventional and forward-thinking ideas, especially if you trying to break rules or boundaries. The environment should be encouraging for everyone to share their best and unfiltered self.”

A gradual approach towards songwriting sessions could be beneficial in creating a layer of experience and knowledge. “My biggest advice for everyone that’s starting out and feeling insecure would be to take things gradually. If you have an opportunity or you know any writers that might be able to bring you along to a session, just observe and try to understand what that space is like. Alternatively, you could team up with fellow creatives on your level or try Zoom Sessions.”

Keep an open mind and don’t build high expectations, and be aware that often not a lot gets done in the first session, simply because for an artist or a songwriter it’s awkward to bare their soul and artistry to somebody they just met - even between professionals. Keep the stakes low, get to know your collaborators, and good things will come.”

Sharing the ultimate most important tip, Sofia continues: “While very obvious, it is crucial to remember that - apart from talent - half the battle is just being a nice person: respectful, polite, and hardworking while being fun to hang out with. A lot of the people that end up in the high-end spectrum of the industry are genuinely just wonderful humans: that has a lot to do with it.”

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Gabriel Mazza profile image Gabriel Mazza