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February - how's that going?

It’s February: a time when New Year's resolutions start fading away, buried by the unexpected complexity of modern living. Before you throw in the towel, hear what I have to say.

February - how's that going?
Photo by Bernd Klutsch / Unsplash

About a month ago, I was digging through a pile of old drum magazines, kept by my family as if they were some sort of ancient relics. It turns out, they still contained lots of helpful information - it’s surprising how much the narrative on the creative process and artistic struggle hasn’t changed much through the years. Building a career in music has always been hard, whichever decade you were born in.

Flicking through copies, I stumbled upon one from June 1999, in which a very famous and accomplished drummer (whom I won’t name in this instance) shared some career tips for the upcoming student. Reading it was pretty inspiring, and a lot of it can be adapted to everyone trying to build something. That article helped me: I thought it might help you too.

  1. Instead of borrowing someone else’s style, borrow their experience, and use it to find your own personal artistic voice.
  2. If you have something to say, say it, and make sure they hear you. If they don’t, repeat it louder. If they still don’t listen, make sure they see you.
  3. Don’t waste energy on what’s not relevant to your musical journey. (Although do find space for your personal wellbeing)
  4. Believe in yourself.
  5. Building a career it’s hard. Be careful about getting distracted and losing sight of your destination. Focus on who’s ahead of you and learn from them.
  6. Anything meaningful requires hard work. Stick to it.
  7. Don’t follow trends blindly. Go deeper, discover the classics and be the next trend.
  8. Don’t be discouraged by criticism. Eyes on the prize.
  9. As long as they talk about your style, let them talk.
  10. Don’t be choosy with opportunities - as long as it fits your ethos, go for it.

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Gabriel Mazza profile image Gabriel Mazza